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5 Steps To Your Best Presentation Ever 
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Turbocharge Your Presentations
Become a More Powerful Presenter in
5 Simple Steps
People Who Give Powerful Presentations ... Win

Here’s the truth: people who give powerful presentations win. They win in sales, promotions, team performance, project management, plan approvals, story telling, keynotes and more. The most successful leaders are powerful presenters. But most people haven't learned the formula that makes it all possible. Be one of the few who do. 5 Steps To Your Best Presentation Ever is a 5-part online, self-study course that will give you Lisa's proven process to master any presentation to 1 person or 1000.  
Turbocharge Your Presentations
Learn the Secret to Powerful Presentations
After studying the presentation skills of high-impact leaders, coaching leaders to improve their presentations and giving thousands of presentations herself, Lisa discovered the secret to giving any kind of presentation to anyone, anywhere with exacting results. She learned 3 important lessons:
The most successful leaders are powerful presenters.
Powerful presenters have strong Presentation Presence.
Presentation Presence can be broken down into a 5-part model anyone can learn.  
Lisa Created
5 Steps To Your Best Presentation Ever
So You Can Become a Powerful Presenter 

If you want a successful professional career, you're going to have to present all the time: some big ones on a stage, some small ones in meetings, and some rushed ones in elevators.

Leaders with Presentation Presence deliver powerful presentations. Every. Time. They are able to consistently 'Wow' their audience, small or large. And, they feel great after giving a presentation knowing they got the results they set out to achieve. 

This is all possible for you. You can learn to do it.

You can give powerful presentations to 1 person or many.

In fact, once you have it all laid out in front of you in Lisa's practical, 5-step training, you’ll see it’s simple. It’ll become habit. You’ll be able to easily turn on your Presentation Presence and maximize your professional impact and influence, 

You'll Be a Credible, Confident, Impactful Presenter 

Lisa has broken down Presentation Presence into a 5-step framework you can use to deliver every presentation like the leaders you admire. Her proven process will help you increase your credibility and confidence as a presenter. You'll build your reputation as an excellent speaker among your team, organization and industry ... possibly far beyond.

5 Steps To Your Best Presentation Ever is a 5-part online, self-study course that gives you concrete steps to elevate your presentations so you're more influential and impactful.

With 5 Steps To Your Best Presentation Ever you'll receive video training with Lisa, plus 5 learning modules with advice articles, self-coaching questions and pro tips, links to additional resources and templates that will help you clarify outcomes, overcome stage fright, and consistently deliver a stellar performance.

This isn’t fluffy theory stuff. You’ll get real, ready-to-use tools that you can use now and over and over again.

Turbocharge Your Presentations

Here's SOME of what you'll be able to do after completing 5 Steps To Your Best Presentation Ever:
Consistently get in the right mindset for impactful delivery
Create your presentation faster, be more organized and save time
Leverage 3 simple tricks to master your body language and read your audience
Be able to build an engaging opening and a CTA (call to action) that gets people on your side
Master your 'fight or flight' to present your most confident, focused self
Use self-evaluation and feedback to consistently improve your delivery
Look Inside The 5 Modules ...
Module 1: Purpose
 A great presentation starts with your mindset and purpose. Discover Lisa's 4 Presentation Power Beliefs and why they are essential to your success. Learn a process to define your presentation purpose -- for the audience and for you. 
Module 2: Prepare
Good-bye nerves. Hello clarity and confidence. Proper preparation is key to an effective presentation. You'll uncover the 4 secrets to presentation readiness. And learn a step-by-step system to get your audience, your material and your room ready.
Module 3: Practice
Athletes, musicians, actors all rehearse to fine-tune their performance. Many times. Practicing will ensure you're comfortable facing any audience. Learning Lisa's 10-step practice formula will guarantee you'll make the impression you want.  
Module 4: Present
A great presentation is more than a deck, more than a voice - it's an entire experience. Discover how to master your body language, read your audience and respond with ninja-like precision to gain trust and buy-in as your presentation unfolds. 
Module 5: Post-Op
When it’s over … it’s not really over. The best presenters learn from what worked and what didn't. Discover the right questions you need to self-evaluate. Get effective feedback and feedforward. You’ll know exactly what went right, what to let go of, and what to improve.
The PRESENTATION PRESENCE CHEAT SHEET - a handy 1-page tool summarizing Lisa's 5-step process for quick review any time you need to deliver a presentation.
TIPS FROM THE TRENCHES - Lisa interviewed other leaders who are successful presenters and asked them to provide one 'top tip' that ensures every presentation is a hit.
LISA'S TOP 5 READS - Lisa has compiled a list of her favorite 5 books with tips and techniques on how to deliver excellent presentations. 
The SPEAKER'S EQUIPMENT LIST - a handy 1-page document featuring 'must have' equipment every presenter needs to be successful. Comes with links to Amazon. 
Fantastic ROI
"Helpful and valuable. The modules are easy-to-understand-and-put-into-practice. Fantastic ROI for any leader." - Tara Kemes
A Great Tool
"The lessons in 5 Steps To Your Best Presentation Ever are excellent reminders to review before any presentation. It's a great tool." - Sandy Gunn 
Tips That Work
"Great tips for paying attention to how you are presenting yourself AND how others are presenting themselves." - Deanne Colbourne

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5 Steps To Your Best Presentation Ever.

She gives you the tools, processes and Ninja-moves that will help you the most in the least amount of time, for $147. This is a fraction of what it would cost to be coached 1:1 with Lisa for one hour. 

Take advantage of this acclaimed program and you'll be able to master your presentations to 1 person or 1000.

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5 Steps To Your Best Presentation Ever.

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Zero Risk For You

Lisa stands behind 5 Steps to Your Best Presentation Ever 100% and wants you to love it.

She wants to make sure this elevates your presentations to the point where this investment in yourself is a no brainer. If you find 5 Steps to Your Best Presentation Ever isn’t everything you expected and more, she’ll refund your investment within 15 days of purchase. Zero questions asked. Zero risk to you.

If you follow the program and take action with what you learn, you will become a better presenter.


Will 5 Steps to Your Best Presentation Ever help me be a better leader?
Yes. The most effective, credible leaders are powerful presenters. They are able to clearly get their point across and inspire others to take action. 
Will learning about Presentation Presence help me to persuade people?
Yes. You'll learn techniques to organize your thoughts around a clear call to action and how to most effectively present you and your case. 
How do I know if this program is right for me?
If you have to give presentations on a regular basis in your work or personal life and you want consistently positive results, then you are right for this program.
How long will the program take to complete?
This program is designed to give you tools you can reference before any presentation. Reviewing the videos and the learning modules will take less than 1 hour each. Evolving as a presenter is a lifelong journey.
How long will I have access to this material?
Once you access the program it's yours for life. 
About Lisa --
Your Leadership Coach

Lisa is a leadership author and executive coach. She's managed teams, been a partner in a national firm, owned her own companies – even written 5 books on leadership.

She's given thousands of presentations. Lisa has led team meetings, delivered impromptu thank you’s at corporate luncheons, emceed awards ceremonies, pitched business, facilitated large groups, presented reports at Board meetings, hosted online learning sessions, and delivered keynote addresses to large audiences … oh, and she also hosted a TV pilot (not a true presentation but she did learn a lot helpful techniques from that experience).

Lisa has had her fair share of presentation highs and lows. And she's coached hundreds of leaders through theirs.

She learned from those experiences and over the years documented what worked and what didn’t.

This has given her the script for 5 Steps to Your Best Presentation Ever.